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Dengue cases rise to 128; measles now up at 47

NAGA CITY --- The Naga City Health Office revealed that there are already more than a hundred victims of dengue in the city.

Another 40 cases of measles are also up, the CHO added.

Dr. Vito Borja, city health officer, confirmed cases of dengue in the city have reached 128 as of this period. These cases were registered in the barangays of Concepcion Pequeña, Pacol, San Felipe, and Cararayan. He also reported that at least 47 patients have been hit by measles or ‘tipdas’ who came from the barangays of Concepcion Pequeña, Pacol, and Cararayan.

Borja admitted that the controversy over the Denvaxia scare has badly affected the continuing anti-measles vaccination campaign of the city which made the parents reluctant about submitting their children for vaccination.

He said he was thankful that many have finally decided to undergo vaccination that has now reached 87 percent of their target that will result to a decrease in measles cases in the next few days. No death was so far reported due to measles attack.

Dr. Borja announced that his office will conduct a citywide search and destroy and a clean-up activity in the barangays to prevent the spread of dengue-bearing mosquitos.

He advised the public to maintain the cleanliness in their homes and surroundings to drive away mosquitoes.

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