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Gainzanos Pride: Tulong Hinulid

Gainza is one of the smallest towns here in Camarines Sur. In a small town lies a treasure, the Tulong Hinulid. But what is this Tulong Hinulid?

According to the residences of Barangay Cagbunga (where these three statues are taking care of), these statues were found along the Bicol river caused by Typhoon “Sening” who battered Bicol. Miraculously these three statues remain with each other after flooding. Other said that there was an old man named Apolinario “Mang Ayong” Agustino of Gainza who found these statues on May 14, 1953. There was an attempt to destroy it but it was stopped by 3 men from the Philippine Constabulary.

The three images were repaired and repainted in Tabuco Church, Naga City and brought back again in Cagbunga. These three images vary in height and eyes. The tallest measured up to 5 feet followed, the second one (4 feet, 11 inches) and the third one is the shortest whose length is about 4 feet. Another variation of these three is that the smallest one has his eyes closed while the others are open. These three Hinulid are being brought out for procession every Good Friday in Cagbunga. Every year there is a designated order among these three images but a miracle happens, they said if they get the wrong image who is not assigned this year it will never fit on that Caro, the vehicle. Even they chose to put the smallest one it will never be fitting on that Caro. Another thing, an unusual happens when the smallest one are assigned on that year, they said that it will never have a sunny day which even I myself experienced. These statues believed to be healers in this town, every Maundy Thursday these three images have ritual bathing that has become a tradition. It is believed that the water that was used in their bathing was used to treat ailments which healed many of our kabarangay, including myself.

At present time, these three images produce many devotees coming from different part of the country. Who are having their pilgrims hoping that they will be healed from their different illnesses and problems. A kiss and touch on the image while praying can be a relieved for one’s soul which even myself experienced every time I kissed it during Holy week. This could be a great experience to see and touch these miraculous images this Lenten Season.

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