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Holy Week Message

Archdiocese of Caceres Office of the Archbishop Pilgrim City of Naga, Philippines

Dear Brothers and Sister,

Prayers and greetings in Christ!

As we enter the celebration of the Holy Week, may I invite you to enter into the depth of meaning of our celebration. The Holy Week contains the Paschal Triduum - the three-day events when we commemorate the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus. It is a Pasch, meaning light, that invites us to see Jesus as the light who guides us and brings us to the truth of our redemption.

In this this Holy Week, we are called to renew and deepen our Faith that we received in our Baptism. As mentioned in the words of St. Paul, “Or do you know that all of us who have been baptized into Christ Jesus have been baptized into his death?” (Romans 6:4). When we are baptized we participate into the very mystery of the passion Christ. We are submerged into his passion so that we may share in his resurrection. It is an invitation to experience the Good Fridays of our lives as having been carried by Christ for us so that we may his eternal glory. It is a time to welcome into our hearts the presence of God that teaches us humility in acknowledging our weakness and allowing God to be our strength and firm foundation to serve him and to serve others with love springing from his eternal goodness.

So, come and enter our churches. Participate in the liturgical events and offer prayers and sacrifices as a way of participation to the passion of Jesus by allowing ourselves to be changed and renewed in our Faith. Let us not allow distractions to overcome our schedules and activities, but make efforts to keep this sacred time a HOLY Week that offers us oppurtunity to welcome Jesus into our lives.

Let this Holy Week be an occassion to deepen our Faith, embolden our hearts, and strengthen our hands to reach out to the poor, so that it may be an occassion for us reflect the light of Christ to all. My prayerful blessings to you!

+ ROLANDO J. TRIA TIRONA, OCD, DD Archbishop of Caceres

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