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Parish of Saint Joseph to be conferred as an Archdiocesan Shrine this year

Meeting of Fr Wilfred Almoneda with NGOs and NGAs concerning the conferment of the shrine.

San Jose, Camarines Sur. On May 19, 2019, 8:00 am, Parish Church, the centennial Parish of Saint Joseph will be conferred to as an Archdiocesan Shrine of Saint Joseph by Most Rev. Msgr. Rolando T. Tirona, Archbishop of Caceres, in coincidence with the Town Fiesta in honor of the same Patron, Joseph, the Patriarch.

The ceremony of conferment will be conducted within a Eucharistic Celebration to be presided by the archbishop, concelebrated by some priests from other parishes, through the official signing of a “decree” declaring the parish into a shrine before the faithful, devotees, pilgrims, guests and the general public.

The information was confirmed by Rev. Fr. Joseph Wilfred V. Almoneda, Parish Priest, initially via text messages last July 25, 2018, until at present through his Sunday Mass homilies and parochial meetings.

Fr. Almoneda stresses that this historic event in the spiritual journey of the parish must be considered as a “best blessing” from the Lord, because the most cherished prayer for quite a long time of the parishioners to become a shrine will soon be finally granted ; and, a “ great opportunity” for devotees and pilgrims of Saint Joseph to widen and deepen their devotion to Joseph, as the universal father, a model of faith, protector of a family and foster parent of a child.

The parish priest also confirmed that basic to their preparation, the creation of working committees was first initiated under the supervision of an executive committee headed by him, and the Parochial Vicar, Rev. Fr. Ruben Temporal, as Co-chairman, and Mr. Panky Dizon, Acting PPC Chairman, and Mr. Valencia, the Shrineship Chairman , as members.

Other committees with corresponding chairman, are to wit; a.) Liturgy and Novenary – Rev. Fr. Ruben Temporal; b.) Research and Documentation Committee- Sis. Leah Patrocinio-Dizon; c.) Church and Facility Improvement- Engr. Alberto Pervera; d.) Church Beautification and Cleanliness – Sis. Mila Abejero; e.) Finance and Foods – Sis. Fe Pacao; f.) Shrine Sponsors – Sis. Delci Millares ; g.) Secretariat and Program – Sis. Lara Pabon; h.) Peace, Security and Traffic – Bro. Ramon Dizon; and, i.) Souvenir Program, Cultural and Promotion – Mr. Dodong Valencia.

More so, as part of the preparation, the parish is tapping the cooperation and involvement of all sectors in the community specially the Local Government and barangays, schools, NGAs, NGOs, and other civic organizations to participate in all the religious and cultural events of the occasion and to extend in any manner logistical and material support to the activity.

Fr. Almoneda also said that it is just a given obligation for each and every faithful to take part in the celebration because this is a time for jubilation and pride by elevating the parish into a shrine, the first in the district; yet, residents of the town should also be indulged in the occasion because the socio-economic impact of the shrine will redound definitely to the community.

Add-on activities in the conferment as co-sponsored by the local government unit, are the following; a.) Mutya ng Dambana ng San Jose, a beauty and brain pageant; b.) “ Liwanag nin Pagkasararo” Street Dancing Competition; c.) 1st Shrine Devotional Torch Procession; d.) Sky Lanterns and Fireworks Display; e.) “ Mga Kanta para ki Jose” a live youth concert; and, f.) “Home for Walk of Hope and Faith”, an alumni fun walk.

It was also noted, that “shrineship” has been initially worked out by some parish priests and administrators and church leaders, but only in December 2017 when Fr. Almoneda has commissioned Mr. Dodong P. Valencia to chair a “special committee on shrineship” which main function is to study, research and draft all necessary documentary and physical requirements for a parish to become a shrine, until such time that the committee, after an exhaustive efforts, has complied with and submitted all the requirements to the palace, and was approved in principle less than a year thereafter.

Further, the shrine conferment is the third significant event and a breakthrough in the parish’s timeline within a half decade since the institution of a parochial school, now Instituto de Caceres in 2015; and, the celebration of the parish’s bicentennial foundation anniversary in July 26, 2016. (Dodong Valencia)

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