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Bongat swears 48 city youth officials into office

NAGA CITY --- Naga City Mayor John G. Bongat had called on the newly-installed set of City Youth Officials (CYO) for year 2019 to focus on and work with the city’s campaign against illegal drugs while mulling new plans and programs to advance the interests and aspirations of the youth.

The message came after the city mayor swore in the new youth officials during the flag raising at city hall where other city officials and department heads were also present to formally receive their youth counterparts.

The successful youth officials will serve their posts alongside their adult counterpart for the whole summer period with generous stipends that they could use in their enrolment for the next school year, while learning up-close and on hand the workings of the city government.

This year’s youth officials is led by Jan Carlo E. Bagasbas, of Brgy. Concepcion Grande.

In his acceptance speech, he said his youth administration, while heeding the city mayor’s call, will also work for the promotion of mental health awareness, pro-environment activities, and empowerment of the LGBT sector, among others.

This year’s city youth vice mayor is Alijah Z. Serrano of Barangay Triangulo.

Designated as City Youth Councilors, arranged from first to twelfth, are as follows:

Badiola, Mitch Ysabel E. (Del Rosario), Rey, Don Benjamin Manuel Iv V. (Dayangdang), Asis, Bryan M. (Bagumbayan Sur), Pancho, Angeline Bernadetted R. (Sta. Cruz);

Blas, Alexisse Ione B. (Bagumbayan Norte), Clarito, Angelica May C. (Concepcion Pequeña), Dolor, Jelamarie P. (Sta Cruz), Papa, Kirsten Lois N. (Liboton), Vasquez, Dana Katherine C. (Tinago);

Castillo, Bea B. (Balatas), Buendia, Brix Lloyd R. (Concepcion Pequeña), Patriarca, Kastor Troy B. (Calauag).

Chosen As City Youth Department Heads Are:

Abante, Andrea Nikole R. (Liboton), Abay, Kaye Angela G. (Liboton), Abcede, Ma. Bernadette P. (Bagumbayan Sur), Abesa, Matthew Alexander D. (San Felipe),Albos, Shiela R. (Bagumbayan Sur);

Aliniante, Ian Loveli V. (San Felipe), Alvarado, Charey Mae Z. (Abella), Amolo, Gerald R. (Peñafrancia), Barogo, John Paul F. (Sabang), Beluang, Ma. Angelica Aira R. (Liboton).

Binabay, Jonalyn O. (Concepcion Grande), Bongalbal, Chester S. (Tabuco), Bonion, Justin Emerson L. (Cararayan), Borromeo, Arrianne April P. (Concepcion Grande), Camaro, Joshua A. (Cararayan)

Castillo, Onward C. (Balatas), Clavite, Mikaela V. (Panicuason), Clidoro, Mico E. (Concepcion Pequeña), Custodio, Rizza A. (San Isidro), Espinosa, Shaina G. (Balatas);

Francisco, Rafaela May N. (Bagumbayan Sur), Isulan, Aljon A. (Balatas), Luneta, Mc Kevin B. (Calauag), Magistrado, Aubrey M. (Concepcion Grande), Navelgas, Johnrael P. (Sta. Cruz);

Nishiyama, Trishia C. (Tinago), Panahon, Lucci Noelle D. (San Felipe), Quidip, Camela Kim P. (Calauag), Rodriguez, Ron Aldrin D. (Bagumbayan Norte), San Pascual, Claire Bessie N. (Tabuco);

Serrado, Earl Dwight R. (Abella), Siazon, Ricky V. (Cararayan), Vallente, Dorothy B. (Triangulo), Velasco, Joshua M. (San Felipe).

The 48 successful CYOs were selected from over 300 applicants who underwent series of examination, panel interview, and team building activities to determine their capability as the next CYOs.

Their term will end until a new set of officers are chosen in April next year, 2020.

The CYO is a program of the City Government of Naga for the empowerment of the youth sector by allowing them to participate in the day-to-day operations of the city government and take lead in initiating programs for the youth.

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