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CCCom holds recollection for local media

NAGA CITY --- The Caceres Commission on Communications (CCCom) once again invited the members of the broadcast media in Naga City for the annual Media recollection on April 12, 2019 at Town Square Hall, Villa Caceres Hotel, Naga City. Thirty media practitioners from print media, radio and TV were in attendance.

Rev Fr. Fidel Mamerto O. Bagayaua, Parish Priest of the Our Lady of Prompt Succor in Canaman served as the recollection speaker. Fr. Bagayaua expounded on the 40 days of lent whose meaning evolves in the lives of persons with questions that need answers; issues that need attention and concerns that need immediate actions.

He said that the mind is the gatekeeper of the soul’s access to God and the soul’s capacity for creative action in the world. A statement more suitable to media practitioners whose weapon, the pen and the microphones, are powerful tools in shaping public opinion. He also said that in order to exercise a more prudent change in one’s life as a person, not only as a media practitioner, one has to have courage, discernment and charity. He further emphasized the need for change, to be coherent, authentic and transparent in everything. He reminded the participants that this change will pave the way for happy, healthy and holy individuals and media practitioners.

As change – or pagbabago in the vernacular – is very relevant nowadays, Fr. Bagayaua reminded the attendees that to change is not merely to be better but to repent. How one can change one’s life, Fr. Bagayaua recommends a change of direction; a change of conduct and change of mind and body. He said that for change to happen, one has to DIE - acronym for dissatisfaction, insight, and energy. One has to eliminate things that bring negativity and to focus on things that are true, just and beautiful. He called on the participants to be open, honest and loving if they want to be healthy and wholesome. But most of all, they have to act on the desire to change.

Fr. Bagayaua challenged the participants to identify five things that they can let go of and the five things that they can hardly give up. He said one’s answers would be a starting point for discernment. This is to emphasize that to live is to change and to be perfect is to have changed more often.

Fr. Bagayaua also shared the following guideposts for a meaningful life: 1) accept the truth; 2) admit one’s mistake; 3) account for the wrong; 4) agree to change for good.

The recollection was further highlighted by the presence of His Excellency Archbishop Rolando J. Tria Tirona OCD, DD, Archbishop of Caceres, who gave his Lenten thoughts on renewing and deepening one’s faith. Archbishop Tria Tirona called the participants to “network with God,” to participate into the very mystery of His passion and death.

Reinforcing the talk was the Way of the Cross following the prayer booklet given to each participant. Rev Fr. Toots Imperial was also present as confessor as the media practitioners were invited to the sacrament of confession. A Holy Mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Louie Occiano, CCCom Director capped the activity.

For media practitioners, the recollection was an opportunity to revisit the fact that nothing is more meaningful in life than the desire to change for the better not just this Lenten season; to discern always the true, the good and the beautiful; to decide on good choices; to do what is necessary; and to delight everyone.

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