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Legacion pinpoints Mendoza as true violator of election law

NAGA CITY --- Team Naga Mayoralty candidate Nelson Legacion, upon knowing from a journalist that an election case against him was filed on issue of alleged over-sized tarpaulins, rebutted that it was his oppositor, Fortunato Mendoza, who is the real violator of election laws.

“First, I have not yet received a copy of an alleged election suit filed by a fellow mayoralty candidate against me. But given there is, it is him who breached election laws. Just look around the city and you will see his oversized tarpaulins bearing his name and image,” explained Legacion.

“True, Naga and other parts of the region are being flooded by election paraphernalia, but mine is in consonance with rules and regulations of the Commission on Elections, particularly on prescribed maximum size for posters and tarpaulins. If they were referring to the bigger billboards, they were meant to accommodate a total of 13 candidates from Team Naga,” added Legacion.

Per Commission on Elections Resolution No. 10488, posters per candidate should not exceed an area of two feet by three feet (2’ x 3’).

The legal team of Liberal Party is contemplating of filing a similar election case against Mendoza and company.

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