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Letter to the Editor: Wanted: Intelligent voter

How intelligent is the Filipino voter? The voter must not only know how to READ and WRITE but also know COMPREHENSION. Recent surveys revealed the questionable result of the names of the front running candidates in the Senate race. The senate in the old days, we have chosen respectable names in the likes of Ninoy Aquino, Joker Arroyo, Jovito Salonga, Jose Diokno, Raul Manglapuz, among others. They were known for their honesty and integrity. Looking at the latest surveys, the senate is losing its prestige with the names of the top candidates for the May elections. We need leaders who are honest and with integrity, and not those involved in corruption issues, lie about their credentials, and other controversies.

When Pope Francis visited our country in 2015, he called on our countryman to reject CORRUPTION and urged political leaders to uphold HONESTY and INTEGRITY. He further stressed that corruption in the government diverts all resources from the poor and into the pockets of corrupt politicians. If we Filipinos really want honest officials, we should not select and vote for those candidates embroiled in corruption issues. The latest surveys show otherwise. We don’t want the coming 18th Congress with the names of thieves, plunderers, liars, lapdogs emerging as winners. When, when we learned? Wanted: intelligent voter, anyone? Dina natuto.


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