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Libmanan District Hospital utilizes its newly-purchased equipment through a cataract operation

It can be recalled that the Provincial Government of Camarines Sur, upgraded its district hospitals with the acquisition of 170M worth of medical equipment. The 11 provincially-managed hospitals which include Libmanan District Hospital (LDH), started the utilization of such equipment through a Cataract Operation held on 04 May 2019.

Through the Sunfu Solutions Inc., the medical equipment company which supplied ophthalmology equipment, they volunteered to cater 35 patients for cataract operation in order to fully utilize the newly-acquired equipment including phaco machine, ophthalmic operating microscope, and slit lamp, among others. Nurses from LDH together with ophthalmologists from Manila headed over the operation.

Prior to the operation, a screening was conducted wherein patients underwent an eye checkup if they have astigmatism or other symptoms for cataract. Their eye visions were also checked. Among the 29 patients who availed of the free operation, majority of them have non-surgical cases thus, only two have underwent tocataract operation.

Abdul Alba, 49 years old from Nabua, Camarines Sur shared, “I have an imbalance eyesight. My other eye can no longer see anything.Sometimes, I don’t know whether it’s night already or a day still. It is really a great burden for me most especially because I do not able to work for my family.”

Alba has been suffering from cataract for almost 2 years. Prior to his cataract operation, he already had a lung operation due to his previous work as a construction worker and a tricycle driver. Alba is one of the patients who underwent to phaco operation.

He added, “When the doctor said that I will have to undergo operation, it was really a great feeling! I am thankful to all of you because at last, my other eye will be able to see clearly. Thank you!”

Through the cataract operation held in LDH, people will no longer have to travel to Naga City to have their eye checkups and eye operations. “By doing such actions, we could help the Bicol Medical Center in Naga City tolessen the many incoming patients because they are already congested,” said Dr. Dennis Joseph Reforma, Chief of Hospital-1 (COH-1) of LDH.

“Since LDH is capacitated to conduct surgery and all, it will be a great ease to the people here who have eye health conditions. Of course, this won’t be possible if not through the efforts of Governor Migz and Congressman LRay Villafuerte for upgrading the hospital. This is a big help to all people of Libmanan and other immediate municipalities,” he also added.

If the cataract operation become successful, LDH anticipates to have a monthly operation not just in Libmanan but in the whole province to better serve the people of Camarines Sur using its latest medical equipment.

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