Post-Election Message of the Archbishop: My Clergy, Religious and Faithful of the Archdiocese of Cac

Peace of the Risen Christ!

The mid-term election is over. Our voters have exercised their sacred duty to cast their votes. Some winners have been proclaimed. Some have conceded their loss. Certain disturbing issues have been raised up, like, massive vote buying, delays in transmital, jamming of ballots in VCMs, long lines, disenfranchised voters, etc, issues that COMELEC promised to investigate and give satisfactory explanations to the nation.

In all these experiences, what is important is the feeling of a generally peaceful elections and the golden opportunity to choose our leaders freely.

We may have different sentiments on the outcome of the election; however, we must continue to pray that those elected on the local and national level, must deliver what they promised during the campaign season. We likewise pray and be vigilant that the important principle of check and balance may not be eradicated. And may the elected leaders do their fresh mandate with dedication and unselfish service for the common good.

We commend the services of our Comelec personnel, the indefatigable teachers, the courageous men and women of the AFP and the PNP, other goverment agencies, the dedicated PPCRV volunteers, the vigilant Media and all those involved in this mid-term election.

We likewise express our gratitude to all Religious/Apostolic communities who heeded our call for a Prayer Vigil for a peaceful n credible election.

The outcome of the mid-term election, disturbing and frustrating as it is, especially in the Senatorial level, challenges us Catholics not to lose heart but to be more persistent in changing the mind-set and voting preferences of our people. We must take seriously the voters education beginning with our youths through our Catholic schools, parishes and youth organizations.

This is another time to heal, unite, pray and work for a strong democracy that is so precious to the heart of every Filipino!

May our INA protect the welfare of our nation, and of our Bikol region. God bless us all!

In the Risen Christ,

+Rolando J. Tria Tirona, OCD Caceres