Wanted: Intelligent voter Part II

When will we ever learned? I was shocked and disgusted of the outcome of May elections particularly in the national scene. Oh my goodness, these “Ignorant Masses” forgive them for they don’t know fully well whom they voted. This is the CURSE OF DEMOCRACY when the ignorant voters dictate or determine whom they like not knowing such candidate is UNQUALIFIED, INCOMPETENT, CORRUPT, also IGNORANT like themselves. As expected the result of the PULSE ASIA survey in the past weeks where the controversial candidates were in the top twelve was also the same after the election. Some of these winners were publicly accused of MORAL MISCONDUCT, PLUNDER, CRIME, CORRUPTION past or present, Others are either traditional politicians, dumb and stupid, liar, author of antipoor infamous law on excise tax on fuel, lapdogs.

How can we educate these “Ignorant Masses” to vote wisely? The election is over. Que Serra, Que Serra, whatever will be, will be, the future of our country is not for these masses to see. Let us just be vigilant and watch how will these “CLOWNS” will perform. I am contemplating and wondering if we amend our election laws particularly on the qualification of a voter. How about only college graduate should vote? On the premise that a college graduate must not only know HOW TO READ and WRITE but also has COMPREHENSION!!! I might be biased and discrimatory but it is the only way to produce INTELLIGENT VOTE.

-SANDIE T. VERDADERO Former Rtc Naga City Sheriff