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City Ordinance: No sale of motorcycle to unlicensed drivers

NAGA CITY --- Motorcycle dealers in this city won’t be selling anymore their units to non-holders of driver’s license.

This, when the proposed ordinance that seeks to deny or prohibit sales of motorcycles to unlicensed drivers will finally be enacted by the Sangguniang Panlungsod.

The measure will also compel all the motorcycle dealers to require their would-be clients to submit headshots along with other personal information before allowing them to procure a unit. The measure will provide the police easy access to information of suspects in motorcycle theft and other crimes perpetrated by more than one person, usually two men, on a motorcycle.

The proposed measure, which was put under formal discussions in a committee hearing last week, has already been endorsed for formal deliberation in an open session in the next few days.

Traffic enforcers and motorcycle traders along with groups of motor-bikers in the city agreed that the proposed measure be favorably considered during the committee hearing called by the Sangguniang Panlungsod’s committee on transportation chaired by City Councilor Joselito SA Del Rosario.

Del Rosario said that the proposed ordinance, once enacted, is meant to tool up the city government and its law enforcers in order to reduce, if not to totally decimate, the alarming number of road accidents involving motorcycles.

“It is deplorable to note that significant number of drivers involved in many motorcycle accidents is composed of minors and adults who are non-holders of driver’s license,” he reveals. This information, according to Del Rosario. is based on the records of the Naga City Police Office (NCPO).

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