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LTFRB told; ‘Regulate TNVS, don’t change their business model’

A day after the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) Chairman Martin Delgra appealed to transport network vehicle service (TNVS) drivers to work fulltime to meet demand, commuter network The Passenger Forum (TPF) asked the LTFRB “not to change the business model of TNVS.”

Primo Morillo, Convenor of TPF, said, “We’d like to remind the LTFRB that TNVS are not taxis. They have a different business model which is rooted on the idea to maximize private vehicles for public transportation.”

“We have to understand,” Morillo continued, “that a large chunk of TNVS drivers are part-time because there are other things that occupy their time, be it work or school. We can’t just suddenly make them resign from their day jobs or stop studying because we need to reach the demand.”

Morillo added that to meet passenger demand, “there is no alternative to allowing enough TNVS units on the road.”

The Passenger Forum convenor said, “The LTFRB’s plan to open 10,000 new slots this coming week for new TNVS units is in the right direction. Let us see if it will be enough and we hope that the LTFRB will be open and swift in adding a few more slots if the recent opening of additional slots is proven insufficient to meet the demand of commuters.”

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