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Rotational brownouts in Sorsogon

LEGAZPI CITY --- Rotational brownouts affected some parts of Sorsogon province during the last two days since Tuesday as the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) raised its Yellow and Red alert status due to the low level capacity of power in the Luzon Grid area.

Nilda Somera, NGCP Bicol spokesperson, said rotational brownouts had occurred in areas covered by the Sorsogon I Electric Cooperative which include the towns of Matnog, Santa Magdalena, Irosin, Bulusan, Bulan, Magallanes, Juban, and Kasiguran.

Somera said NGCP had implemented Manual Load Dropping in these areas to maintain the integrity of the power system depending on the available power capacity of the grid.

According to Somera, Manual Load Dropping or rotational brownout is the process of cutting off power in areas served at a specific time due to power supply shortage.

The NGCP bulletin said that aside from Soreco 1 Manual Load Dropping, one-hour power outages were also affected in othert areas in Luzon, such as Ilocos Sur, Isabela, Bataan, Quezon and Metro Manila.

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