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Olivan: New Rotary District Governor

NAGA City--- Come June 29, 2019, Nagueño businessman Everett Uy Olivan will be inducted as the next District Governor of the Rotary Club District 3820 that covers the whole of Southern Luzon Region which include the provinces in Bikol, Quezon, Laguna and some clubs in Mindoro. Around 300 Rotarians from various districts including their past presidents and eight past governors are expected to attend the induction ceremony which will be held at the The Tent, Avenue Plaza Hotel, Naga City. Other special guests for the induction ceremony are from the Rotary Club of Selkirk represented by Ferdous Ahmed and from South Korea District 3590 District Governor Baek Jong-Sun of the Rotary Club of Jin Ju Jeil.

Governor Olivan will be inducted in office by Past District Governor Fortunato Tato Dimayuga, Jr. who was the leading district official (Governor) when Olivan served as president of the Rotary Club of Naga. With the theme, Rotary Connects to the World, Governor Olivan is poised to bring new and dynamic changes in the district by intensifying the memberships and fellowships, celebrating the unity amidst the diversity.

Called as the Champion Governor, he was born on June 17, 1972 to businessman Benito Lim Olivan and Heidee Uy Olivan.

A graduate in Business Administration from the University of Nueva Caceres, he is considered as one of the leading businessmen in the region whose advocacy and commitment to Rotary’s guiding principles remain exemplary. His extensive business background in various industries both local and international (Distribution, Shipping, Real Estate Development, Leasing, Hotel Operations and Health Care Services) are worthy of admiration. Past President Dr. Diosdado Uy described Governor Olivan as “a well-respected business leader recognized not only for his contributions to the success of the local industry but also for his business values and dedication in helping out the community. “I am certain that the District will gain from his values and virtues as a multi-industry player,,, added Dr. Uy.

In an interview, Governor Olivan expressed his priorities and goals as the new district governor, “ (As your new governor,) I see the urgent need to renew our commitment by getting more global grants for our respective clubs and we will have to help one another to set our targets. We cannot waver in this mission. Global Grants are our surest ways to fortify our solidarity among Rotarians from different nations. We need to collaborate with all other Rotarians in the world and be with them also in their projects. We need to learn from each other’s stories, be in Scotland, or in South Korea, in Taiwan or in Legazpi, in Buhi or in Australia, or in Gumaca or in Manila. We need each other’s stories to gain from these narratives the strands of hope that we would be needing in the coming days ahead of us.”

Together with Governor Olivan, Rotarian Engr. Dennis Caramoan will also be inducted as the new president of the Rotary Club of Naga, which considered to be the oldest club in South Luzon. In recent years, the club has garnered several distinctions and awards especially during the term of Past President Maryselle Uy Olivan who ushered the group in its 70th Founding Anniversary Celebration last June 2018.

During the induction ceremony and fellowship night, a special commemorative book entitled “Linking Bikol to the World” will be launched. The book includes a brief history of Naga City and the Rotary Club of Naga. It also features several projects conducted by the club following the Rotary’s main thrusts that includes maternal health care, vocational, youth, environmental protection among others. Lady Maryselle Uy Olivan described the book as the best gift for the Rotarians this Saturday. It is according to her, “our humble offering for your generosity to come to our city. It is our hope that you will browse and read as in it you may find our stories as sources of inspiration that may guide each and everyone of us as we continue to serve our people thru the Rotary Club. Asked the reason why a book is ring launched, Lady Olivan has these words: “For many of us, we think that books are no longer necessary as we have already entered in what they call the digital age. Books, they say are outdated. But there is something in a book that is permanent— that is eternal. Once committed to the pages, a new kind of remembering happens, a larger kind of feeling is born.”

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