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Training for new Prex speakers held

The Parish Renewal Experience (PREX) of the Immaculate Conception Parish (ICP) in Naga City held its second Speakers’ Workshop last July 6-7 at the Aula Magna, ICP. There were 23 participants: 12 from the hosting Parish and 11 from the St. Bartholomew Parish, Baao.

ICP Parish Priest Fr. Domingo Florida gave the orientation -the structure of PREX and the roles of the lead couple, speakers and staff members. Talks given on the first day were as follows: The Role and Spirituality of PREX Speakers by Dr. Ma. Asuncion Quimlat, Structure and Practical Tips in Delivering PREX Talks by Mrs. Evangeline de Guzman, Overview of the Talks and their Messages by Mrs. Joanna Marcelino, and Recapitulation by Mrs. Ma. Atanacia Lañada. In the afternoon, the participants wrote their life testimonies. Talks were designated and mentoring was done.

On the second day, the participants delivered their messages. The weekend activity was capped by the Sunday eucharistic celebration, fitting as the Gospel reading was about discipleship and one’s mission. Christ sent off 72 disciples for a mission. This was a different group from the first 12 apostles. In Jewish tradition, 72 stands for a universal number and signifies that we are all called for the mission of evangelization.

PREX is a Formation Seminar. It is not a religious group, neither is it a movement. It aims to awaken in the Parish a renewed experience for serving God through conversion and deeper knowledge of the faith. Once awakened, parishioners are able to walk the path of holiness and work towards being credible witnesses and disciples of Christ. The importance of this training workshop for potential speakers cannot be underestimated for a speaker’s role is to awaken and one can only fully awaken his fellow parishioners by example, i.e., by living out his teachings, and by walking with those he wishes to awaken from their deep sleep.

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