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Perhaps one day all your dreams came true. Or maybe not. It is pathetic. Your entire world crumbling down. Certainly, we do not want that to happen. No wonder most movies now are all about superheroes. I observed that is the reality now or should I put it this way the form of escapism even for about two hours is just that which is to be saved.

Esteemed scholars succinctly put it, that humanity needs a canopy as protection against the cruelties of the real world. That is where Religion comes in…

God. There is a God. And most essentially, we do need a God. You may be an Atheist. You may be an Agnostic. I do respect those. Although in polite conversations it is taboo to talk about Religion, however, with the times now, and for emphasis the dark times now, I am reminded about the One who created light.

God said let there be light and then there was light. He is my Superhero. And maybe He can be your Superhero as well. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. And may I add, He is our Light. It is despondent but people forget that sometimes. Or much worse, completely forgotten.

Maybe you believe in angels or maybe you do not, let me tell you that I do believe in angels. I have met many angels in my life. The clouds are their favorite billboards and you only have to look up. Feathers appearing out of nowhere. Coins I see dropping, on the pavement, in a water fountain. Winged creatures and the rainbows appearing in the same way after Noah’s fateful mission.

My angels appear with light eyes. Green eyes, hazel eyes, grey eyes, and light bright eyes. They send me messages. I was amazed one day when an angel told me you are also not from here. We have a secret code that can only be felt by the soul.

In my dreams they visit me. One example of the messages is we are not far from you we are just nearby. To my chagrin, I cannot break the code of ethics. You have to unlock it yourself. Like Lord Jesus, He tells us we can only open the door from the inside because there is no doorknob from the outside.

To your sheer joy, rest assured you have your own guardian angel. Talk to your guardian angel. Or should I say, pray to your guardian angel. Bicol Mail Columnist Manny Ojeda Aureus, wrote about angels a few issues back and even begun with the Guardian Angel Prayer.

With the technology now they register as white orbs or green. If it is green it would be Saint Raphael. He is the angel of healing.

You can even pray for an army of angels especially if you are in big trouble. Personally, when there was a typhoon that hit Naga a few years back. I prayed for an army of angels the calm before the storm. When I woke up there was no destruction at all.

If that did not convince you yet. Maybe this would do the hook line and sinker effect. I started with the introduction about dreams did I not?

I was singing lyrics from a song a long time ago that goes, is it not ironic that my dreams came true and my older brother hollered not yet James. However, now I am a testimony that dreams do come true.

Maybe your dreams will come true as well. Maybe or maybe not.

I am not a salesman. I do not do sales talk. However, I am a writer. There is a difference. A huge difference. As my written words had been published, I cannot take them back. Alas, shame on me. Another writer to be shot in a firing squad at the park.

Thus, I take this vocation seriously. I am not a prophet. So, I say maybe it will happen to you or maybe not. In inspirational writing we encourage positivity based on the Law of Attraction. Good attracts good. And the other one, some things are better left unwritten. Why waste space on negativity right? Right on.

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