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6 illegal fishers nabbed in Siruma

NAGA CITY--- Seaborne personnel of the Camarines Sur Police Provincial Office (CSPPO) and Siruma Municipal Police Station arrested 6 fishermen off the waters of Brgy. Pinitan, Siruma, Camarines Sur Saturday afternoon last week.

The police confiscated two bales of assorted fish, weighing more or less 40 kilograms, pieces of hard wood with metal weights that were believed used to crash coral reefs to flush out fish into waiting nets, in violation of fisheries law.

In a phone interview, Police Staff Sargeant Ariel Villafuerte identified the suspects as Reynande Samson, Lizardo Bares, Maning Sarical, Jomar Broncales, Roe Belga, and Ruel Tupaz, all of legal age.

Samson was identified as the captain of the small fishing vessel called baby trawl or “galadgad,” allegedly based in Mercedes town in Camarines Norte.

Villafuerte said that the suspects were also believed responsible for destroying crab and shrimp traps or “bobos” laid out under the sea by local fishermen of Siruma town.

The suspects are now behind bars facing cases for illegal fishing.

Villafuerte disclosed that illegal fishing and the destruction of maritime resources are among the major problems in Siruma town that the local authroties are trying to solve or prevent.

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