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“We need to clean our surroundings to prevent dengue spread”-- DOH

LEGAZPI CITY---As the country faces dengue outbreak, the Department of Health in Bicol warned the public and the local government units to intensify the campaign to maintain cleanliness in their workplaces and surroundings.

Dr. Ernie Vera, DOH regional director, reminded that this is the second time that the country experienced dengue outbreak.

“The last time that the Philippines experienced dengue outbreak was in 1998. This year, the Philippines is experiencing the same outbreak because the public and some local government units failed to enforce and maintain cleanliness in their respective localities despite our plea for a holistic campaign with the inter-agencies,” Vera newsmen here.

He said that as early as January, the health department called on the public and local government units to enforce the 4S strategies to thwart the spread of mosquito borne diseases. Unfortunately, the people have been unmindful of possible pandemic.

The 4S strategy stands for search and destroys mosquito breeding places; self-protection measures, seek early consultation for fever as early as one day, and say to fogging as a last resort when there is an impending outbreak.

In Bicol alone, dengue had so far claimed the lives of 40 people, most of them children. Some 4,241 have been identified to have been afflicted by the mosquito-borne disease across the region.

Among the six provinces of Bicol, Camarines Sur had the highest number of cases with 17 deaths and 1,706 cases followed by Albay with 10 deaths and 769 cases; Sorsogon, 8 deaths and 784 cases; Catanduanes with 1 death and 563 cases; Masbate, 2 deaths and 271 cases; Camarines Norte, 2 deaths and 144 cases, and others (visitors), 4 cases.

Vera appeals to all that the primary intervention needed to prevent and control the spread of dengue is through sustained community efforts by searching and destroying mosquito breeding sites in our own homes, workplaces and schools.

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