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August 8 2019 | Fifth Death Anniversary of Archbishop Leonardo Z. Legaspi, O.P., D.D.

ILLUMINARE OMNES Tribute to Archbishop Leonardo Z. Legaspi, OP, DD by Archbishop Socrates Villegas

Pastor and Preacher to All!

He shines like a brilliant moon in the darkness of our night, His radiance is not from him but from God who is our light, His enemy is ignorance; his passion is to teach the truth, His life is our blessing; through his life we reaped rich fruits.

As a student he was the best, as a priest he was outstanding, exemplary Dominican clear and fiery in his preaching, Doctor of philosophy loyal student of Saint Thomas, wise teacher of theology awesome mirror of Aquinas!

He was a bishop in Manila destined as primate of Bicolandia, catechist of the catechists, his epoch was a luminous saga, God gave him to the Church to bring us hope and inspiration He inspired us to teach the faith to be loyal to our religion.

The Catechism for Filipino Catholics was born from his vision, the National Catechetical Directory is one more great inspiration, He started the PhilCARE Foundation to fund the teachers’ education, all of these are his legacies, fervent architect of faith formation!

He was elder among the bishops, prudent President of the Conference, He was a favourite in the Roman Synods, well revered was his presence, at the Second Plenary Council he presided with great eloquence, obedient to the Holy Spirit, he taught and served with high excellence!

Towering man and athletic, he was a heavy weight at basketball, his presence was imposing, awesome and difficult to ignore, but in his heart, he was tiny, small and cuddly like a baby

He was and will always be, only a child of the Virgin Mary!

To our Mother of Penafrancia whom we tenderly call Ina, hold the hand of your son, who served you faithfully in Naga, Leonardo Legaspi is our pastor, preacher and priest par excellence

Bring this loyal and true Dominican to the heart of Jesus your Son!

Dagupan City, April 1, 2014 Posted in Naga Metropolitan Cathedral FB Page

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