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Naga SP OKs measure to regulate plastic use

NAGA CITY --- The Sangguniang Panglunsod here during its regular session last Tuesday, August 6, has triumphantly passed on third and final reading the most-awaited anti-plastics ordinance and will now await approval by the city mayor before its full implementation.

The yet to be numbered ordinance is otherwise known as an ordinance prohibiting the use of plastic bags on dry goods, regulating its utilization on wet goods, and providing penalties for viuolation therefore.

The proposed ordinance was first filed in the previous Sanggunian but was refiled in the present Sanggunian by its original author, Councilor Salvador M. Del Castillo, with fellow Councilor Jose B. Perez as co-author. Incidentally, Councilor Del Castillo is also the chairman of the SP Committee on Environment and Energy that facilitated the passing of the proposed anti-plastics ordinance.

Passing of the legislative measure came almost a month after City Mayor Nelson Legacion himself issued Executive Order No. 2019-026 that bans the use of non-biodegradable plastics and polystyrene (styrofoam) inside city hall and in all its government-sponsored events, meetings and gathering.

Once the proposed measure in the Sanggunian is approved, the use, offering, issuing, and selling or distribution of primary and secondary plastic bags to serve as container of dry goods will be prohibited in public markets, malls, convenient and sari-sari stores, and eateries will be prohibited.

Also to be prohibited are the use of plastic straw, plastic spoon and fork, and Styrofoam in all eateries, fastfood and the like, for foods consumed within the premises; provided, however, that if the customer ordered a take-out meal, plastic spoon and fork may be provided.

In wet markets, only primary plastic packaging or container plastic bag to contain wet goods (fish, meat, dairy and other marine products) may be allowed for use.

Furthermore, the measure provides that no business establishment shall be allowed to offer to sell plastic bags directly to consumers/shoppers. This means that suppliers of plastic bags may only be authorized to engage into institutional selling, or supply plastic bags on business-to-business transaction.

Within 30 days from the approval of the ordinance, the necessary rules and regulations will be isasued by the City Mayor for its proper and effective implementation.

Any person or business establishment that violates any of the provision of the ordinance will be penalized as follows:

A fine of P1,000 for first offense; P2,000 for second offense, and; fine of P3,000, and in the case of business establishment, cancellation of Mayor’s Permit and License to Operate for one year.

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