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Tambo Parish Learned Lessons from Usman

The Parish of Our Lady of Solitude, Tambo, Buhi Cam Sur conducted a seminar workshop and training for rescue, on basic life support with the Public Safety Office and theMRDMMO for three consecutive weekends.

Tambo is a barangay parish in the municipality of Buhi in with population as determined by the 2015 Census was 3,872. This represented 5.02% of the total population of Buhi.

It will be recalled that last December 2018, the parish was greatly affected by Typhoon Usman. Many casualties in the town of Buhi in Camarines Sur province were reported in the villages of Iraya and Ipil a week after Tropical Depression “Usman”.

According to Fr Rex Palaya, the Parish Priest, it is good to train them so that they will be more prepared when they face the same malady.

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