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Bullying sends stude in critical condition

YOUNG MAN’S DREAM SHATTERED. The bullying victim lies on his bed holding the Holy Cross for God’s help and mercy after undergoing initial treatment for a crack on his head. RHAYDZ B. BERCIA

LEGAZPI CITY --- For refusing to dole out P50, a 15-year old Grade 9 student of the Rural Development High School in Bagamanoc, Catanduanes was beaten black and blue by a Grade 11 senior high school student and is now in critical condition.

The victim, Rodney Reyes, 15, (not his real name), a resident of Barangay Antipolo, Bagamanoc Catanduanes is now suffering from delicate head injury and might experience seizure anytime due to blood clot and crack on the left side of his skull.

The Anti-Bullying Act of 2013 was signed into law in September 2013 to prevent and address bullying in elementary and secondary schools.

The suspect, Jeffrey Bajestan, (not his real name), Grade 11 of the same school is the victim’s friend whom he met and acquainted with last June 28, 2019 along with six other students from Grades 9 to 10 of Bagamanoc Rural Development High School.

For almost a month now before the incident, Rodney told Bicol Mail, Jeffrey had been extorting money from him, amounting from P50 to P100.

“I asked extra money from my mother despite our being poor just to give in to Jeffrey’s demand and keep his and his friends’ company. But when I discovered that he and some of his peers were using the money to smoke marijuana, I decided to leave the group,” Rodney said.

On July 25, Jeffrey along with six other fellow students again demanded from him P50. Unfortunately, Rodney did not have money at that time as his mother failed to give him the extra amount. With that, Jeffrey invited him for a walk and hit Rodney badly.

After beating him on the left side of his head, the suspect who is bigger and taller than him grabbed and pounded Rodney’s head on the pavement causing him to vomit blood and lose consciousness.

“Sinuntok nya ako sa ulo na parang may hawak na bato. Mas malaki at mataas siya sa akin. Tapos binuhat nya ako at inihampas sa cemento ng hindi ko siya nabigyan ng P50 pesos. Sumuka ako ng dugo yon ang naalala ko bago mawalan ng malay,” he said.

Rodney was sent home by his relatives unconscious and pallid. Rodney’s mother, Rita, 46, was shocked by the incident as her son was almost lifeless when she brought him to Bagamanoc rural health unit (RHU). “My son was unconscious for two hours,” she said.

The RHU personnel soon rushed Rodney to the Eastern Bicol Medical Center in Virac, Catanduanes where he was hospitalized for six days. He was eventually transferred to the Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital (BRTTH) in Legazpi City for thorough medical and advance examination.

“At first I was hesitant [to bring him to Legazpi City] because we don’t have money but the Ako Bicol coordinator in Catanduanes helped us to go to BRTTH. The teachers and students of Bagamanoc Development High School also contributed money and gave us P3,400 as financial assistance for the medical treatment of my son,” she said.

The CT scan result showed that Rodney suffered from acute epidural hematoma (blood clot) on his left head indenting the underlying brain parenchyma. The following were also observed: compression on the left lateral ventricle and mild right ward midline shift; and non-depressed linear fracture of the left parieto-temporal calvarium with overlying scalp swelling/hemotoma.

The blood clot and crack on his skull, according to government physician is delicate situation.

Rodney’s medical needs and expenses were taken care of Ako Bicol Rep. Elizaldy S. Co while at the hospital.

Rodney was discharged last August 14 and was brought back to Catanduanes again through the assistance of Ako Bicol.

But Rodney’s family is knocking the doors to help them financially in the event that surgical operation would be necessary if the blood clot staysafter 15 days of medication.

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