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Bicol lawmaker says convicted murderer violated prison rules

LEGAZPI CITY --- Convicted rapist-murderer former Calauan Laguna Mayor Antonio Sanchez violated prison rules and should not benefit from conditional expanded GCTA under R.A 10592, Ako Bicol Representative Alfredo “Pido” Garbin said.

Garbin strongly opposed the release of Sanchez because he is not qualified to be released based on good behavior.

“He is absolutely unqualified for the law that favors inmates who show exemplary behavior. To do otherwise is to cause ignominy and more suffering to the victims’ family,” the Bicolano lawmaker said.

Sanchez was convicted for the rape and murder of UPLB student Eileen Sarmenta and the murder of her boyfriend Allan Gomez in 1993 where he was sentenced to seven terms of reclusion perpetua in 1995.

Sanchez, according to Garbin, committed and violated prison rules by smuggling illegal drugs and contraband in his prison cell.

“Established facts and records would reveal that convicted rapist and murderer Antonio Sanchez violated prison rules. How in the world smuggling illegal drugs and contraband in his jail cell constitute good behavior?” he asked.

“As vice chairman of the House Committee on Justice I will file a resolution to investigate and to make sure that R.A 10592 on the conditional expanded GCTA is properly implemented and that only those inmates who showed good behavior can avail of the same,” he said.

“To me RA 10592 should be amended to exclude from its coverage those persons convicted of heinous crimes, just like that of Sanchez. Otherwise, ganun ganun na lang,” Garbin added.

“We need to amend the RA 10598 to prevent those convicted drug lords not to benefit from this,” he said.

“The DOJ can take judicial notice of their testimony during our drug hearing in the Justice committee. To me certainly that admission go against good behavior,” the lawmaker pointed out.

When asked about Senator Bato dela Rosa’s statement that Sanchez deserved a second chance, the Bicol lawmaker said: “Everybody deserves a second chance but you must show that you are truly deserving of the benefits provided for by law, specifically R.A. 10592,” Garbin said.

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