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CASURECO IV vaunts Best Awards

September 19, 2019, Tigaon, Camarines Sur- Mr. Renato Z. San Jose, General Manager, CASURECO IV, discloses some important announcements specially the recent eight (8) prestigious awards received by , other updates and recent status of, the “Triple A” class electric cooperative in the province, before the officers of the Multi-Sector Electric Advisory Council ( MSEAC) and Member-Consumer Owner Organization (MCO) during its 3rd quarter meeting held here.

Among these recognitions awarded by the National Electrification Administration ( NEA) and the Department of Energy (DOE) last August 8, 2019 in Metro Manila, are the following; a.) Paramount Achievement Award, for the sound financial management, effective innovation and modernized operation of the cooperative; b.) Stellar Success Award, for efficient bill collection; c.) Powerhouse Excellence Award, for maintaining a “Triple A” status for four (4) consecutive years, which means a best cooperative in the entire country; d.) Model Member Electric Cooperative Award, for being compliant with audit and administrative requirements as an electric cooperative; e.) Golden Dagitab Award, for complementing with the full implementation of rural electrification; and, f.) Ace of Initiative Award, this is in particular awarded to the GM for crafting the “ One-Stop-Shop” energization scheme.

Upon interview with one of the members of the Board of Directors, Mr. Greg P. Atole said that the intensification of energizing households in its coverage is in accordance with the order of Pres. Rodrigo R. Duterte through NEA and DOE, to attain a 100% rural electrification in the country by the year 2020.

San Jose also informed the body that through the OSS (one-stop-shop), the cooperative was able to energize more or less 13,200 houses in the area out of the 27,000 units as “potential household connection” based on the 2015 NEA survey. Yet, the agency is presently serious to pursue and attain its task ahead of the deadline.

However, this statement was commented by an MCO-Participant whose name withheld, that such is an indirect justification by the agency to a controversial issue during the mid-term election for the cooperative’s political mingling in favor of a candidate known to be close with San Jose, now the 4th District Representative of the province, Cong. Arnie B. Fuentebella.

After discussion on the significant financial and administrative issues of the cooperative, HB 407, pending before Congress, and allegedly sponsored by a Bicolano solon, which basically allows private sectors to franchise electric services, was also taken up. Finally, the body considered the bill disadvantageous and it may compromise the operation of a good standing and exemplary performing cooperatives, that will probably result to mismanagement and high rates, thus a resolution was unanimously approved by the body opposing the passage of such bill.

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