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Barangay Hall in the Sky: Citizens ask to be exempted from DU30’s road clearing directive

STILL SAFE AND BEAUTIFUL. The Barangay Hall in the Sky in Brgy. San Marcos, Camaligan, Camarines Sur became a subject for demolition to give way to clearing operations amidst strong opposition by local residents. PHOTO BY PAULO DS. PAPA

CAMALIGAN, Camarines Sur --- While it has been admitted that here was no formal appeal to spare their barangay hall from demolition, barangay officials and local residents of Barangay San Marcos in this town are hoping that their so-called Barangay Hall in the Sky will stay put despite the presidential directive of clearing streets and highways from any form of obstruction.

The death toll for the 19-year old barangay hall built on top of a municipal road came following the nationwide road clearing operations ordered by no less than President Rodrigo Duterte through the Department of the Interior and Local Government.

The Barangay Hall in the Sky, constructed in the time of then Camarines Sur Governor Luis R. Villafuerte, became a landmark for the town because of its innovative design. It was built like a tower on top of a road with enough clearance for vehicles to pass through.

The deadline for total demolition of all road obstructing structures is on September 29.

Barangay chairwoman Susan Agna maintained that the edifice is not obstructing passage through the road and that they do not have space and enough budget to relocate their barangay hall should their ‘floating in the air’ barangay hall be finally demolished.

She lamented that there is no available site and enough budget for the construction of a new barangay hall if their present hall is demolished.

“Magayon pa man. Bako pa man delikado” (It’s still beautiful. It’s not yet dangerous), she said.

She added that she and her constituents are calling on the government to recognize the barangay hall’s cultural value.

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