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Pili Parish fetes 200th year

PILI, Camarines Sur --- Compared to the nearby Parishes of Bula and Baao, the Saint Raphael Parish of Pili is relatively young. It’s only 200 years old. Bula has been a Parish since 1578 and Baao since 1793.

But what it lacked in years - the Saint Raphael Church will more than make up with Fanfare. It is no coincidence that the person to handle this historic occasion is none other than the fiery yet charismatic Father Wilmer Tria - who has just recently been installed as the new Parish Priest of Saint Raphael.

What Father Tria is bringing to his new assignment is VISION. Summed up in the Theme of the 200 Years Anniversary: RISE AND SOAR. Lofty yet ambitious. But in the hands of an idealistic yet practical priest like Father Wilmer, the Theme is Doable. The Theme is Possible. With him at the helm - the Saint Raphael Parish will indeed RISE AND SOAR.

As the opening salvo, the Saint Raphael Parish is staging the WORLD PREMIERE of an Original Musical presentation: THE GOSPEL MUSICAL. An Original Musical based on the Life, Passion, Death and Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The GOSPEL MUSICAL is an hour and a half Musical made up of 20 Original songs sung and performed non-stop. In its Preview at the Saint Jude Parish Church in the eve of the Pentecost, many of the viewers wept, touched no doubt by the intensity of the drama and the music.

According to Father Wilmer, his plan for THE GOSPEL MUSICAL is for it to be toured and performed in many Parish churches, not just in the Bicol Region, but all throughout the country. The objective is first and foremost, for Evangelization and secondly, to help other Parishes in their fund raising efforts.

“You see, the Gospel Musical has no Sets. It has very minimal props. And the musical blends so well with the serene environment of a church, so it can easily be toured, “says Father Tria,” Most towns do not have auditoriums to stage a musical such as this. The Gospel Musical made me realize that the church itself can be the auditorium.”

As a proof of that, the World Premiere of the Gospel Musical will be performed right inside the iconic Saint Raphael Church of Pili on October 12, 2019. There is a matinee at 4pm. All proceeds will go to the continuing renovation and repair of the Saint Raphael Parish Church and rectory.

The Gospel Musical is presented by: BALPER Sumayao Corp.; GCI Construction and Development Corp.; Partido Marketing Corp; Hon. Chiqui Fuentebella; Hon. Ronald Allan J. Go; Hon. Amelita A. Ibasco; Hon. Mayor Anthony Reyes; Dr. & Dra. Arbee Bascuña; Mr. & Mrs. Jackson Crescini; Judge & Mrs. Jose Dy; Mr. & Mrs. Aboy Lo; Mr. & Mrs. Atoy Lo; and GoldPrint.

With the support of: Hon. Mayor Tomas Bongalonta, Jr.; Hon. Vice Mayor Marivic Solano; Cosay Oil Mill; Hon. Congresswoman Jocelyn Fortuno; Hon. Board Member Nelson Julia; Quilon Medical Clinic; Cabalen ROBINSON’S; Mr. Abelardo Paglinawan Jr; Apostleship of Prayer (Archdiocese of Caceres); TRDP Management and Consulting; Mariners Polytechnic Colleges; Atty. & Mrs. Nyorlito P. Galvan; Atty. & Mrs. Felix Brazil; Mr. & Mrs. Romel Bulalacao; Hon. Rey Decena; Omega Gold Plaza; AMS PRESS.;

It is also brought to you by: Villa Caceres; Generika PILI; Pili Petron Motorist Zone; Dr. & Mrs. Anton I. Ortega; Mr. and Mrs. Nicanor Clasio, Jr.; Bascuña Medical Clinic and Hardware; Botica Pili, Mang Inasal Pili and ML Dimadura Geotechnical Engineering

With the Support of its Media Partners: DWOK. DWNX. Channel 5, Bicol Mail & MELORACS. For tickets, please call: 0910-644-2225 or 205-1025.

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