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New facilities, services underway at Legazpi slaughter house

Legazpi Mayor Noel Rosal inspects the Legazpi City slaughterhouse.

LEGAZPI CITY --- An additional P5-Million has been appropriated by the city chief to improve the Legazpi City slaughterhouse.

According to city veterinarian Dr. Emmanuel Estipona, the P5million allotment will be used to purchase equipment for slaughtering animals.

This equipment will include the de-hairing machine and additional scalding bath and set of trollies for easier and faster slaughtering of animals.

“Legazpi City Mayor Noel Rosal also pledged another van to be used for the delivery of meat to the market, malls and other meat vendors,” he added.

Estipona said the slaughterhouse has an average of 80-100 animals, mostly pigs, slaughtered daily.

“From January to September of this year, the Double AA slaughter house of Legazpi has recorded an income in the amount of P10.8 Million from slaughtering services,” he said.

Estipona cited that his office has conducted a series of inspection and monitoring in all public markets in the city including malls, groceries and other meat vendors to make sure all the meat are healthy and safe for public consumptions.

“Slaughtering of meat in the barangays is prohibited in this city. Only the Double AA slaughter house of Legazpi is authorized to slaughter animals to avoid illegal slaughtering in the community and prevent any kinds of animal diseases that can be harmful to the health of the people,” he added.

The city vet noted that his office has conducted continuous monitoring of all the pigs in the market and in the community to prevent the entry of African Swine Fever (ASF) and to protect the pork industry in this city.

A Lechon Festival will be conducted by the City Vet Office this November as one way of informing and assuring the people that pork in Legazpi is safe for consumption.

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