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Partido lass invents eco-friendly cooling system

“Science and Engineering have always been a part of my interest ever since I was a kid. And I’ve always wanted to make a difference specially now that we have a pressing problem which is global warming.”, says Ms. Angel Palma in her promotional video on James Dyson Award, an international site/account for engineering students and young researchers which showcases their new scientific ideas and creativity.

And getting-started with that vision, the initial achievement and a milestone of her passion is now forthcoming when Ms. Palma has successfully invented the “Air Disc Cooling Technologies, a new kind of a cooling system which doesn’t use refrigerant like “hydroflurocarbons”(HFCs) which is harmful to the environment, but only the natural air that we breath as a cooling medium.

On October 2, 2019, the young scientist was the guest of Tony Velasquez’s Future Perfect at ANC, where they discuss about the details and highlights of her invention, promoted its commercial adaptability, socio-economic effect to the community and its friendly impact to the environment.

Palma stressed that the “air disc cooling technologies” when tested has consumed 10% lesser of electrical consumption as compared to conventional air conditioners; its durability and efficiency are at par with existing local and imported brands; much more, it complements with trending efforts to prevent the colossal destruction of the mother earth.

When asked about the commercialization of her craft, she is very optimistic and hoped for the marketability and universal adaptation of the product due to its quality and affordability. She further disclosed that she is planning to establish the production of her invention at her home district in CamSur (Partido) in order to contribute to the industrial development of the place and to provide job opportunities to its people. A lot of investors and capitalists are emailing and contacting her with respective proposal and intention as partners to this lucrative venture, she added.

Ms. Angel Palma, whose family hails from Partido, is known to be an active and best student of the Philippine Science High School, Bicol Campus at Goa, Camarines Sur, as a former Supreme Student Council Vice President in 2018. She is presently studying at the De La Salle University, a Director for Publicity and Social Media- Office of the Executive Secretary, DLSU-USG.

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