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Public hearing set for parents’ welfare laws

NAGA CITY---The Sanguniang Panlungsod (SP) here will conduct a public hearing concerning a proposed resolution seeking to support Parents' Welfare Act of 2019 and the Protection of the Elderly Act filed in the Senate and House of representatives, respectively.

The proposed parents’ welfare act defines penalties for children who abandon their parents and other crimes by children that violate their parents’ civil and human rights.

Naga City Councilor Jesse Albeus authored the proposed resolution. But Councilors Buddy Del Castillo, Vidal Castillo, and Miles Arroyo have other opinion on the matter as they tackled the proposed resolution during the Sanggunian regular session last Tuesday morning, October 22.

Del Castillo said there is a need to have a copy of the proposed bills filed in the House and the Senate to better understand the provisions and intents of the said bills before the local council may express its opinion on the matter.

Besides, he said, it is not within our culture to demand from the children of their obligations to their parents. To which Councilors Arroyo and Castillo agree.

Councilor Del Castillo emphasized that taking care of the elderlies should be voluntary and not obligatory.

Councilor Vidal Castillo added that relations between children and parents, especially among Filipinos, are borne out of love and not of parents demanding assistance or care from their children. Parents take care of their children unselfishly and unconditionally, which the children should also do when they themselves become parents.

Councilor Arroyo proposed that public hearing on the matter be initiated for a wider discussion and wider involvement of stakeholders on the issue.

Councilor Albeus said he is acceding to a public hearing whose output may be considered when he recomposes or dismiss altogether his proposed resolution.

Meanwhile, Senior Citizen Councilor counterpart Lourdes Estrella suggested that before the proposed laws or proposed resolutions are passed, the financial condition of both parents and children should be checked, especially for those who are living below the poverty line where the matter of support may be immaterial or irrelevant.

On the sideline, Councilor Joe Perez said that when his parents took care of him to grow since he was a child, his parents did not expect anything from him in return except their constant advice that he should study hard, be responsible and raise good his own family.

The city is currently celebrating the Senior Citizens Month which installed senior citizens in various offices at city hall, including the Sangguniang Panglunsod to sit as the elected officials’ counterparts.

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