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King Eagles to visit Bicol

After ten years, the Fraternal Order of Eagles (Philippine Eagles), behest to extend its wings to Bicol region. To mark that momentous occasion, a Proclamation of Elected Regional Officers and Club Activation will troop on Sunday, 11:00AM, November 10, 2019 to Naga City Peoples Hall, City Hall Compound, Naga City.

To grace this historical event are Hon. Nelson S. Legacion, City Mayor of Naga and Eagle Conrado A. Cedeño, National President of FOE. Also, to accompany the President are the following Penaple Officers: Eagle Eduardo S. Madrid (NP-2005), Eagle Gilbert Gille (NP-2006), Eagle Vicente S. Avila (NP-2009), Eagle Ibnohasim A. Undug (NP-2011), Eagle Salvador T. Ramos (NP-2012-March 2014), Eagle Sainoden A. Balindong (NP-2014-2015) and Eagle Louie F. Ceniza (NP-2016-2017). Together with the entourage are Eagle Hussin Ututalum Amin, Atty. Legal Officer; Eagle Luis C. Sudario, Secretary General; Eagle Danilo Rolleda, Atty. General; Lady Eagle Nurja “Jade” S. Undug, President of Jolo Lady Eagles Club; Eagle Rufus Cesar Moneva, Executive Piel Director; Eagle Jowell Dagang, National Protocol Officer; Eagle Laurence Mutia, National Auditor; Eagle Ed Sarmiento, National Media Officer; Eagle Yami Balayo, National COMELEC Chairman; Eagle Carlos Cariaga, National Treasurer; and Abdel Razi Amin.

Witnessing the affair are the various representatives from the Senior and Junior Bicol Eagle Clubs in Region V headed by their respective Club Presidents, namely, Eagle Raymond L. Concepcion, Sarong Bangui Eagles Club; Eagle Elmer C. Aure, Bicol Unified Eagles Club; Lady Eagle Maria Elizabeth R. Silava, Metro Naga Lady Eagles Club; Eagle Epifanio E. Barrosa, Isarog Eagles Club; Eagle Ferdinand A. Alipopo, Uswag Riders Eagles Club; Eagle Gino Christopher D. Orcine, Pili Cimarrones Eagles Club; and Eagle Vicente S. Avila, BFARPCIL Eagles Club. Furthermore, present in the event are Junior Eagle Clubs around the region with their officers and members, Naga City – Ateneo Sarong Bangui Junior Eagles Club, Uswag Junior Eagles Club and Anduyog Junior Eagles Club; Iriga City – Anthonians Junior Eagles Club, USANT Junior Eagles Club, Zeferino-Arroyo Memorial High School Junior Eagles Club, Perpetual Help High School Junior Eagles Club, La Consolacion College of Rinconada Junior Eagles Club and Malawag National High School Junior Eagles Club; Pili - Blessed Name of Mary Learning School Junior Eagles Club; Ocampo – Ocampo National High School Junior Eagles Club; and Libmanan - Colegio Del Santisimo Rosario Junior Eagles Club.

The said activity will be presided by the National President, Eagle Conrado Cedeño. Along with him are Eagle Raymond L. Concepcion, Bicol Region Governor; Eagle Philip T. Imperial, Bicol Region Vice-Governor; Assemblymen: Eagle Epifanio E. Barrosa, Eagle Oliver S. Coronado and Eagle Lino C. Chan. According to Kuya Vic Avila, the officers and members in the region pledges to support Fraternal Order of Eagles (Philippine Eagles) to further foster its commitment to hone servant-leaders that will exemplify the principle of “Service Through Stronger Brotherhood.”

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