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PSA Chief enjoins public: “Support the 2020 census”

NAGA CITY --- Provincial Statistics Officer Clemente Manaog of the Philippine Statistics Authority has called on every household to support the upcoming 2020 Census of Population and Housing, which will formally kick off in May 2020.

Paragraph 1 Section 27 of Republic Act 10625 otherwise known as the Act reorganizing the Philippine Statistical System, explicitly explained the obligation of target respondents of primary data collection activities, such as censuses and sample surveys to accommodate enumerators and answer questions truthfully and completely.

Manaog said in an interview at the Kapihan sa Radyo Natin, kaiba an PIA over Radyo Natin-Naga that statistical inquiries are not just mere numbers - they are actually a representation of the existence of a person as a rightful citizen of the country.

“When you are counted as one of the respondents, you are acknowledging your participation as member of the society that is rightfully entitled to every programs and benefits that the government shall give to its constituents. Your participation is tantamount to saying that “Hey, I am here, count me in,” Manaog said.

Paragraph 2, Section 127 of the said law further states that “any individual who refuses or fails to give truthful or complete answers to statistical inquiries will be imposed a penalty of one-year imprisonment and a fine of P100,000.00.

Manaog also stressed that the demand for statistical inquiries is not a violation of the Data Privacy Act in the light of the Freedom of Information Act which was signed into law by President Rodrigo Duterte in July 2016.

“The collection of personal information of individuals during the CPH does not violate the law. One of the specific provisions therein states that – (Section 12)- the processing of personal information shall be permitted only if not otherwise prohibited by law and when the processing is necessary in order to fulfill functions of public authority, which necessarily includes the processing of personal data for the fulfillment of its mandate,” Manaog added.

Manaog also assured the respondents of utmost confidentiality of all the information given to the enumerators during the course of the census. He said that enumerators will be held liable if proven that the data or information gathered are leaked for a devious purpose.

PSA is now accepting enumerators who will be part of the nationwide 2020 Census on Housing and Population with this year’s theme: “Sama Na, Census Na.” LSMacatangay-PIA Camarines Sur

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