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Boxes of fake cigarettes intercepted

LEGAZPI CITY ---- Eight boxes of alleged fake cigarettes were intercepted on Sunday morning by barangay tanods (village police) being unloaded at the Codon Seaport in San Andres town in Catanduanes. a police report said.

Arrested for possession of undocumented counterfeit cigarettes were: Mostafa Bucay, 27, Bravo Alimusa, 24, Saidomar Sumalug, 28, Juhair Macadaag, Khalil Ampaso, 31 all residents of Barangay Pawa Tabaco City, according to PMaj. Maria Luisa Calubaquib.

Alvin Surban, village councilman reported to the police that at around 8:40 a.m they intercepted the boxes of suspected fake cigarettes being brought in by the suspects subsequently to be delivered to various stores in the province.

The brand of suspected fake cigarettes were: Jackpot, Mighty, Winsboro, Marvel, and Fortune worth P205,600.

Surban said they arrested the suspects after failing to to present shipment documents.

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