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PB sued for frustrated murder posts bail

IRIGA CITY --- The Punong Barangay accused for frustrated murder after shooting a barangay kagawad was allowed by court to post bail recently.

The suspect, identified by police authorities as Reynato Monedero of Barangay San Antonio, was arrested last week after he reportedly shot Barangay Kagawad Fernando Celeteria who tried to pacify him for beating a resident.

Celeteria suffered gunshot wounds in the face and neck when the suspect shot him with a handgun while trying to run away from Monedero to save his life, the evening of November 12, this year.

According to Celeteria, he has no personal grudge against the punong barangay. He said his only intention was to calm down Monedero who was then confronting a resident. The situation, Celeteria said, resulted in a heated argument that prompted him to get up from bed to patch up the rift between Monedero and the resident who was not named in the report.

Monedero declined this reporter’s request for an interview, saying that the matter was already in court. He did not even bother to talk about the details of the bail he posted.

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