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Cheapest pork in town can be found in Partido

Amidst the scare of African Swine Fever (ASF) and in spite of possible increase or non-declining of prizes of prime commodities including pork, restaurant owners, food caterers, banquet sponsors, cuisine event organizers, daily meat lovers, are saddling in the municipalities of San Jose and Lagonoy and there queue only to buy pork at a very low prize.

Along the main thoroughfares of San Jose, a lot of small and transient meat shops are selling pork at P140 per kilo of lean meat, while for meat with bones “gaga-on” is only P120 per kilo.

According to the FIESTA Magazine, official publication of LGU-San Jose, since two years ago, the slaughterhouse of this unit is butchering more or less 40 heads of hogs daily, and during peak season it triples the mark. Thus, the LGU has included the pork as a major product and features it in its festival dubbed as “PAKAGUSI”, which represents for its four corners product, namely, Paruy (Rice), Karne (Meat), Gulay (Vegetables), and Sira (Fish).

Meanwhile in Lagonoy town, pork is being sold at P120 per kilo, but they are rumbled, lean and bones mixed.

San Jose and Lagonoy are the only towns in Partido Area with this special selling prize, however in the neighboring towns, the prize ranges from P200-P220 per kilo. Thus, buyers from other places are taking advantage of the significant savings due to the discrepancy of the prize.

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