Statement on the immediate recovery of communities devastated by typhoon tisoy

It was with great sadness that we learned of the enormous and heartbreaking devastation by Typhoon Tisoy as massive destruction in agriculture, homes, businesses, properties and infrastructure filled the news especially in Bicol Region.

Together with the artistic community in the Bicol Region, we assure you of our prayers and extend our sympathy and solidarity to all those affected by this calamity.

Community recovery in the aftermath of any disaster is indeed a crucial challenge thus we, in the Kurit-Lagting community would like everyone to know that we are always open to initiate creative spaces for art therapy activities especially those from disaster-affected communities to bring people together, and offer everyone a vehicle for healing.

We believe that disaster recovery must also include the emotional and spiritual healing of the community aside from material necessities such as food and shelter to reduce feelings of trauma and anxiety.

We also believe that the arts have a strong role to play for those communities affected as they struggle to rebuild their lives to increase hope, well-being and safety, and overall confidence of the people especially children, persons with disabilities, senior citizens, women and other vulnerable sectors.