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1st Moment: I am the real Superman

I am 75 years of age in Earth’s time. In December of 2015 my wife passed away in front of me and my daughters after two weeks in the ICU due to the big C. The best doctors and the most expensive medicines did not help our prayers, they helped her die. I saw and felt her pain and sufferings in her deathbed. Family life is not always a bed of roses, but in times when you are suddenly left alone under such a traumatic event, your life starts into a free-fall, and this is what happened to me.

The advantage in Earth is that surviving spouses are given pension if the departed is a government employee. But in order to get the benefit, I was required to submit a certificate of live birth from the National Statistics Office (NSO). The Civil registrar from the municipality where I was supposed to be born did not have my records, so they asked for proof that I am really an earthling. I submitted my baptismal certificate, government ID, passport and an affidavit of three old disinterested persons that I am, who I am. After one month I finally got my certificate, and to the shock of my life I discovered a deep secret: I am the real Superman, sent from the planet Krypton! Here is the indisputable proof – the main entries in my official Certificate of Live Birth from the NSO!

Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Marriage documents of parents: Not applicable

Attendant during birth: Not applicable

Relation to the child: Myself

I was tempted to file a case for Alien Discrimination, but I thought that, as a Kryptonian, there is no law and crime applicable to me. I spent two weeks in our attic thinking about the future. It was the time to decide, and I made one; to retire from my consultancy job. By that time, I had already spent 23 years of community development work flying into poor and distant villages in 14 different countries from the Caribbean, South and Southeast Asia, South Pacific, and Africa, including in Mindanao. To while away my time, I started to recall events and experiences in my working life - and the best things that came to my mind were the happy moments when I used to resort into joking seriously and seriously joking with my beneficiaries, friends, and development partners. Henceforth I set out to write this book.

Watch for the 2nd Moment: Superman met a Car Accident

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