DA rolls out initial assistance to typhoon – hit farmers

SAN AGUSTIN, PILI, Camarines Sur – The onslaught of Typhoon Tisoy in the Bicol region last week caused an extensive damage to the agriculture sector with an initial estimated production loss of about P2.5 billion in rice, corn, high value crops, organic, abaca livestock, fisheries coconut and infrastructures and facilities.

DA Bicol through Rodel P. Tornilla, the OIC- Regional Executive Director has immediately reactivated its quick action teams and mobilized its personnel to assess and validate the damage reports coming from the LGUs and came up with a list of intervention and assistance for each of the six provinces. The assistance amounting to over P43.1 million includes 4, 630 bags of certified palay seeds and 2,000 hybrid palay seeds; 5,000 bags Urea and complete fertilizers; 58,950 bags zinc sulfate; 3, 174 packs plant growth enhancers, 1,700 bags Open Pollinated Variety white flint corn, 1,700 packs assorted of vegetable seeds and veterinary drugs and biologics . Some of these goods were already turned over to the provincial government in the case of Albay.

In addition to the DA’s assistance the provinces started receiving palay seeds for the dry season cropping from the PhilRice under the Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund Seed component . The budget for this was drawn from the tariffs generated from the imported rice with the implementation of the Rice Tarrification Law removing the quantitative restriction on imported rice. Albay province has an allocation of 29, 528 bags ; Camarines Sur 91, 412 bags; Sorsogon 18, 818 bags; and Masbate 11, 384 bags . When Typhoon Tisoy hit Bicol there were about 76, 963 hectares standing palay crop at various stages in the Bicol region. Partial damage report on play coming from the LGUs as of this writing show that 26,825.25 hectares of palay areas in the six provinces have been damaged. Of these, 16,235.13 hectares have been totally damaged and over 10, 461hectares have been partially damaged, valued at over P946.9 million. For corn 8,11.84 hectares have been damaged valued at over PP167,227 million. Of the 4,116 hectares of the corn areas were totally damaged and over 3,994 hectares were partially damaged .

For high value crops which include, vegetables and fruit crops, over 6,596 hectares were damaged, valued at over P 697 million. Of these 5,520.13.86 hectares are totally damaged and 1,076 hectares are partially damaged. For organic agriculture an estimated production loss valued at P3.8million was reported by the provinces of Albay, Catanduanes and Masbate. For fisheries an estimated production loss valued at over P25 million was also reported in Albay and Sorsogon. For coconut, an estimated production loss valued over P29 million was also reported in Sorsogon and Masbate.

For livestock, a total of 6,246 heads of various animals valued at P49,880, 686 million were reported damaged in the six provinces

Damage to DA facilities and properties at the regional office and its outreach stations in the six provinces is estimated at almost P29million.

A rehabilitation plan is currently being prepared to be submitted to the DA Central office for funding.