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Archbishop Sends his New Year Message to the Caceres Clergy

My beloved brothers,

I thank you from my heart for your prayers and greetings on the occasion of my 25th Episcopal anniversary. Your fraternal greetings renewed my spirit to serve the Lord Jesus, the Church, and our Archdiocese. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

As 2019 slips by, and 2020 enters into our personal and common history, be assured of my humble prayers that God be central and bless you abundantly in your life and ministry.

I pray fervently that we strenghten our presbyterium with our constant acts of fraternal charity, forgiveness and reconciliation, mutual encouragement and pastoral support.

Together let us serve our people in the manner of Jesus Christ, who gave ALL to glorify God. We cannot do less, we can do more as Jesus desires us to do.

Let us be more open to the inspiring guidance of the Holy Spirit to a joyful and tenacious priestly ministry.

Let us be more intimate and faithful to the Triune God through a deeper prayer life and contemplative inner disposition.

Together let us serve the poor and pay more attention to their spiritual and material needs.

We begin this by renouncing our inclination to materialism and secularism, selfisness and excessive desire for money, possession, power and popularity.

Like Jesus who called us, let us always be humble and simple in our ways and with our community.

May the year 2020 be a grace-filled year for us to live our priesthood meaningfully and joyfully!

I call on our INA to refresh and energize our priestly ministry as she protects and heals us with Her manto.

My brother priests, I deeply thank you for your pastoral ministry this 2019. Likewise I thank you for kindness and pastoral support to me.

I seek your forgiveness and understanding for my shortcoming. I seek your prayers and fraternal support as I continue my ministry in this coming new year.


Maogmang Bagong Taon!

Viva La Virgen!

Christi Sumus,

+Rolando J Tria Tirona OCD, DD Archbishop of Caceres

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