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EDITORIAL: Utilize Eng’g Battalion

Those still intending to travel by land from Metro Manila to the Southern Philippines or vice versa should better condition their mind, body and pocket. They are bound to suffer not less than five hours delay one way.

The main cause of the traffic woes is the sorry state of the road between Sipocot (First District) and Libmanan (Second District) towns in Camarines Sur and the snail paced road works of GCI Construction, contractor of the long delayed road reblocking project. As a consequence one way traffic is the usual recourse.

With the ever persisting want of discipline among motorists who never learn the value of give and take even during yuletide season the traffic mess has turned from bad to worst.

In anticipation of the chances that the present leadership would again engage in blaming game, it is clarified that such portion of the national road somewhere in Barangay Beguito, Libmanan, Camarines Sur, has been a cause of major headache for several decades already. It has sharp and dangerous curves and uneven surface aside from treacherous ravine.

It is useless to pass the buck to anyone else. Focus on the now and tomorrow without necessarily clearing or condemning prematurely those responsible then and now.

The call for an end to finger pointing and to find solutions to the problem that has already caused so much suffering to the riding public by Undersecretary Marvel Clavecilla of the Office of the Presidential Assistant for Bicol Affairs (OPABA) deserves understanding. In times of pressing problems of nationwide impact those pointing an accusing finger without knowing where the other fingers are pointed at need to be more circumspect.

However Clavecilla should not have automatically accepted the apology solicited by the contractor. Some things need to be clarified.

The public needs to know how long is the slippage of the road work for which the contractor and DPWH personnel concerned must be held accountable. On account of the delay incurred, proper sanctions need to be imposed in due time.

The commitment that the road works shall be completed by the end of February 2020 should be taken with an air suspicion and apprehension for which reason readily available alternatives should now be in place.

Utilize the military’s engineering battalion. The traffic mess caused by the delay is of serious magnitude that justifies military intervention,the usual move resorted to by the present dispensation even in problems of lesser damaging effect to the riding public.

This administration adopted Build! Build! Build! as a slogan. At this point in time the riding public has the right to respond. Do it well. Now. Honestly. Enough of promises.

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