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Meningococcemia causes grade 8 student’s death

NAGA CITY- Two intern doctors at the Bicol Medical Center (BMC) have confirmed that a 13-year old Grade 8 student who was confined at the hospital last Jan. 26 showed symptoms and allegedly died due to meningococcemia illness later that day.

The doctors who requested anonymity said the boy was confined last Sunday with rashes all over his body. The patient reportedly died a few hours after confinement.

After BMC doctors took a confirmatory test on his body, his cadaver was immediately brought back to his hometown in Pili, Camarines Sur for burial.

The principal of the Caroyroyan High School in Pili where the boy was a student confirmed that the town’s Rural Health Unit had recommended a house quarantine for all the 50 classmates and teachers of the boy who died of alleged meningococcemia illness.

On Tuesday, Jan 28, the principal said they have conducted a thorough disinfection of the school classrooms,desks and chairs to remove the anxiety of students and their parents in relation to the reported meningococcemia case that claimed the life of one of the students. (SONNY SALES)

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