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Coner’s ‘Alkansiya ng Bayan’: A vision to help the Poor

NAGA CITY---A former tricycle driver who is now a businessman has recently urged of the members of the Naga City Sangguniang Panglunsod to expand the Alkansiya ng Bayan, a poverty alleviation project.

Diego P. Coner, 68, the founder of the noble project, is the corporate president of the Diarcco Corporation, a car service center in Naga City.

The Alkansiya ng Bayan is a fund raising activity under the Co-ownerism program, which is aimed to allay poverty by means of installing iron containers in main doorways of government buildings and business firms throughout the city, region, and country.

These containers are designed like piggy banks where paper bills and coins can be deposited by well-meaning and generous individuals to help poor people.

The first unit of the “Alkansiya ng Bayan” is now installed near the stairway of the Blue Room in the City Hall compound.

He said he is ready to discuss his project before the SP members if he is given the chance by the city council.

Coner added that the collections of the Alkansiya ng Bayan will be used to provide livelihood and developmental programs for poor families in every barangay.

He said that if these containers will be allowed to be placed in all business establishments, government buildings, and public places, generous people will be encouraged to voluntarily contribute to the project.

“Halimbawa: Kun ibubugtak iyan sa Bicol Central Terminal saka ika na pasahero, naghulog nin barya, pasalamat mo na iyan sa mga namamanwaan kan syudad na henalean mo. Ta maray an kamugtakan mo.” (For instance: If an alkansiya is placed at the Bicol Central Station and passengers contribute to it, it will be the passengers, way of thanksgiving for their good situation) Coner said.

It is unfair if people are enjoying good food while others are suffering in hunger. Through the alkansiya, people who have extra money can help the poor to change their lives, he said.

Coner clarified that the proceeds of this project will be used for the long term development of the impoverished sector of the society.

“An problema kaya sa gobyerno, tao sana nin tao nin ayuda alagad mayong progreso ta mayo man nin programa” (The problem with the government is it continues to provide financial assistance to the poor without suitable programs. That is why there’s no progress), he lamented.

When asked about his former occupation, he said that when he was a tricycle driver, he had a difficulty earning as low as P100 per day.

What I am today is a product of hard work and wisdom, he said.

Before he founded his car service center, he was also an employee of the biggest soft drink company based in the city. Today, his automotive corporation, the Diarcco, is primarily company responsible for the regular maintenance of the soft drink company’s fleet of delivery trucks.

The Alkansiya ng Bayan is one of the projects under the Co-ownerism Program. The program was registered on Aug. 4, 2018. It has a certificate of copyright issued by the National Library of the Philippines (NLP) and Intellectual Property of the Philippines (IPOPHL) in Taguig City on Jan. 23, 2019.

Coner is also a member of the Metro Naga Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI). He participated during the dialogue with Mayor Nelson Legacion last Jan. 11 concerning the wheel clamp and towing ordinances, during which he appealed to the city government to be considerate to senior citizens like him who have to park along the Panganiban Drive where medical clinics are located.

He said that because of the ordinance, senior citizen have to walk for a long distance under the heat of the sun to go to their doctors’ clinics.

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