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Dear Writer

Never give up chasing your dreams foolish as they may seem. You have already gone this far. And, you are still alive. Life is fleeting and we can never be sure what the future will be like for us. Remember that your own late father and mother were writers. A columnist at Naga Times, your father would be proud. And, you know that they already know.

Sometimes you feel unsure because what happened in your life is so surreal. Who would have imagined you have been able to become like your father. Yes, there were people who said you could not do it but you have a lot of faith. You have a mother who had a lot of faith. You have a lot of faith in God.

Writers are already in the endangered professions list. Many aspire but few are given the gift of writing. Thus, it is a responsibility. You have been writing since high school for the school paper. Now it is 2020. People tell you how blessed you truly are because words just flow like water from the ocean of your mind.

Stories: I have been writing about many stories. Poems: I have been writing many poems. Why? What makes you keep on writing? Perhaps, because there are many good stories to tell and stories that are real.

I remember the man with amputated legs who manage to explore the City of Naga in a wheel pad that is made of wood. It is a genius idea of a contraption that works for him. He would laboriously use his hands and arms to be able to move forward. And whenever he would cross the intersection the whole world stops literally and metaphorically. People gravitate towards him to help him.

However, you see him do it on his own. And, everyone marvels at his strength and conviction. He is the captain of his own ship. Then, you become inspired. That is why you start this piece with never give up chasing your dreams foolish as they may seem.

Then, you realize yet again your purpose which is to write stories that compel people to be inspired.

And, Lord Jesus comes to mind. Because He came for all of us. For everyone, regardless of the myriad circumstances we are living with and experiencing in our own life.

The danger of being too preoccupied about social constructs is we fail to include the lowly and the people in the peripherals. Society gives too much spotlight on celebrities in a plethora of occupations.

Going back to basics, the Star is Our Lord Jesus Christ. Lest we forget He is the Way, the Truth, and The Life.

That is why Inspired the column keeps resurrecting. Pun intended.

In the field of inspirational writing, we are reminded as writers to help evangelize and spread the Good News. Thus, I take it to heart when readers would tell me how come you are not writing anymore for Bicol Mail.


Now, I am writing for Bicol Mail yet again. People’s lives matter. You matter. Everyone does. No matter how long you lived. Be it a baby who lived for twenty four minutes or Kobe Bryant who died recently in a helicopter crash.

Now we see the confluence of all God’s creation. In the ocean we call life a mere pebble can force ripples that would reach far and away shores around the world. That is why there is a need for writers.

Writers document events. Writers make you see the world in a different perspective. We ourselves are humbled by the enormity of the power of positive words. They have a huge impact on people’s lives. We hope to fulfill the dire need for light in the dark hours in people’s lives.

We therefore plead to tell and share your own stories. Could we put away the gadgets and truly connect with one another just by having amiable conversations? We are social beings and most definitely we are not machines.

What if there is no internet? What would your life be like?

Talk to your neighbor, your family, and friends. We encourage you to have that meaningful quality time with your loved ones.

Not thru a Tweet.

Not thru a Facebook post.

Not through an Instagram update.

None of all these Social Media that seemingly connect yet creates disharmony and emptiness in our heart.

When was the last time you talked with God? Aren’t you glad He created you? Aren’t you glad he created a wonderful world waiting to be discovered? Aren’t you glad you are not alone? If you look out the window there are other people. Maybe, it will help you find joy.

Dear writer. The best gift we can give the reader is hope. Though cliché, hope springs eternal. In reply, Dear readers, we are grateful to your time and we hope that having read this far you began to feel God’s loving presence in your life. With this testimony, indeed, you are loved by God.

May you be inspired by the Holy Spirit! God bless!

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