AccessHealth unveils Comprehensive Staff Compensation Program

THE Bicol AccessHealth Centrum has unveiled its comprehensive staff compensation program in recognition of the valuable contributions of the healthcare company’s long-term employees as well as an articulation of its commitment to being a great place to work. The “AccessHealth Force 2020 and Beyond” provides a holistic system of competitive employee compensation, recognition, and non-statutory benefits that aim to fold AccessHealth employees as partners for sustainable and responsible growth in the next five to ten years.

Says, Dr. Napoleon K. Juanillo, Jr., AccessHealth President and CEO, “We are committed to ensuring that our teams,working across the spectrum of healthcare services, are given the best possible opportunities for professional, financial, and personal growth. In the end, our patients and their familiesbenefit from the services and care that our inspired and motivated teams provide beyond what is expected and in the long haul.”

In brief but meaningful unveiling ceremonies last February 12, 2020 attended by beaming staff wearing shirts emblazoned with “Positive Expanding at 10th”, Dr. Freddie Y. Sy, AccessHealth Senior Vice-President, adds “It’s AccessHealth’s way of saying thank you, celebrating great work, and sharing our incremental successes as we usher in our tenth year and get everyone motivated to journey in AccessHealth’s expansion. We recently opened the AccessHealth Heart Institute-Catheterization laboratory which saw the first successful coronary angiogram, angioplasty, and pacemaker implantation in the Bicol Region outside of BRTHH last January 24, 2020. Now we are looking at establishing the region’s first medical facility for Overseas Workers and Seafarers as well as a few strategically located satellite centers. We need dedicated and enthusiastic teams that can join AccessHealth in solidifying its brand as a leading regional provider of a wide range of healthcare services.”

AccessHealth’s comprehensive employee compensation system is composed of six programs such as a) Progressive Salary Standardization which rationalizes the overall salary structure vis-à-vis the company’s needs, workforce needs, the labor market, external competitors, and regulatory requirements; b) Semi-Annual Performance-Based Incentives which rewards employees who significantly contribute to the results and perform according to expectations. The incentives are paid over and above base pay, based on performance and achievements versus the semi-annual objectives when the targets set at the beginning of the six-month performance cycle are met or exceeded; c) Employee Preferred Shares Options in which AccessHealth employees can get or buy preferred shares in the company earning dividends and a stake in the company; d) Employee Trust Fund The AccessHealth Employee Trust Fund is a long-term investment plan with financial contributions solely from AccessHealthto fund retirement benefits; e) Professional and Personal Development Programs where AccessHealth provides support for continuing education/learning programs designed to enhance individual staff’s professional and personal growth; and e) Hospitalization and Out-Patient Care Assistance and Year-End/Christmas Bonus. The AccessHealth administrative office and legal counsel shall finalize the implementing rules and other provisions pertaining to each of these six components.

As well, in recognition of lifelong talents, AccessHealth welcomes retirees in the nursing and allied medical care professions who may want to take a second windin being part of a young and driven health force who can in turn learn from the wisdom and professional experiences of retired healthcare professionals. For more information about exciting career or post-career opportunities at AccessHealth and to learn more about its comprehensive compensation system, you may contact: Eric K. Juanillo, MBA, Chief Operations Officer, Bicol AccessHealth Centrum (Email:;Telephones: (054) 871-33-77 / (054) 205-90-33)

Dr. Freddie Y. Sy, Dr. Helen A. Juanillo and Dr. Rosalita A. Prado with the AccessHealth staff