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10th Moment: Miracle in Nepal and Valentine Tips

God sent me an Angel:

Between 1995-97 I did two 6-months intermittent missions for ILO projects in Nepal on training for rural economic empowerment. In one of my missions I suffered a kidney stone ailment. While meeting with folks in a mountain village, I felt a severe pain in my groin and one side if my abdomen. My legs became intensely stiff, I could not walk. It lasted for a few minutes, when it disappeared, I thought it was just muscle pains, so I continued my meeting. It did not re-appear until after 5 days. -------------------------- Worried, my local counterpart, Bal, brought me to a doctor for examination when we were back in Kathmandu. The doctor made me undergo X-ray examinations and found out that I had kidney stone as big as a grain of rice. He recommended that I go home to Manila for the operation. I decided not to obey because of many tasks lined up in the project. --------------------------- A few days after I had another bout of the pain. My driver, Sanu Kansa suggested that we look for faith healers. So, together with one of his Nepali friends we went to Thamel, the favorite shopping spots of foreign tourists in Kathmandu. After spending hours going around, we saw a small hut in one of the small alleys where we met a little old woman. We asked whether she knew a faith healer and to our surprise she said she can do it. Hence, we agreed that she go with us to the hotel where I was staying to do the healing process. --------------------------- It was already dark when we returned to the hotel with the old woman. She gently told me to lie down on my bed while he started murmuring what looked like a prayer. In the middle of her chants I heard she spoke name of Jesus. So, I asked her about her religion, and she said she was Christian, a rare personal encounter in a predominantly Hindu and Buddhist country in the world. Ten minutes after she left, I was still in a state of shock and disbelief. ---------------------------- A week after that healing session I suffered another attack, a big pain in my urethra. We went back to the doctor prepared to follow his advice for me to go home to Manila. He placed me again to the X-ray machine. After examining the result, he announced that there was no more stone in my kidney. I asked him what would have happened? He said maybe it broke and my last pain was caused by the broken particles passing through my urethra. He asked what medicine I took which might have caused the stone to disintegrate. I said I did not take any. My doctor was surprised. ---------------------------- Back in my hotel I cried as I never cried in my life. I knew that it was a result of the intervention of the old woman. So, I asked Sanu and his friend that we go back to the old woman to thank her for what she did. But we did not find her, neither her small hut. We asked the people around, but nobody could tell us that there was a small hut, neither an old woman that lived in their place. ---------------------------- Until now I believe that God sent an angel to cure me with my ailment so that I could continue my mission, and I always shiver and my hair raising every time I talk about this experience. God is truly great and omnipresent. -------------------------- Happy Valentine Tips: To single ladies: marry a man who is older than you so that by the time you start losing your beauty he is also losing his eyesight.

To single men: marry old women, you are safe, they are no longer interested in gender equality.

To single men fun of women: beware in making praises with old maids, they take the issue of sexual harassment a little bit too far.

To wives: if you want to test whether your husbands are having an affair wake them up at 3 O’clock early in the morning by whispering to them that they are already late at 5am. If they scamper to look for their pants immediately than you are sure they are on something fishy.

To husbands with wives who always lock the door and prevent you to enter whenever you commit mistakes: Lock also the door from outside so that she cannot go out – then you are even.

To husbands: Study very well your wives, most women are good in history, they can remember your mistakes committed 10 years ago, even when you were not yet married.

To husbands: when your wives start to pray, stay beside them, otherwise they will think you have committed a conjugal crime. -----------------------------

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