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Fellowship Baraylehan funds Program for Elderly

The Our Lady of Penafrancia Parish Senior Parishioners Fellowship held its "Baraylehan sa Valentine 2020" last February 22 at Parish Hall, here, to raise funds for its various programs and projects for the elderly.

The affair was attended by over a hundred elderly enjoying dances, songs, games, and surprises.

Among the projects undertaken by fellowship since November 2014, in partnership with the Tomasinong Bikolano chaired by president Marimil S. Bombase, M.D. include the Elderly Health Lecture Series with local Tomasino expert medical practitioners as guest lecturers on topics including: Hypertensions, Heart related Problems; Geriatric Medicine (care for ailing elderly), Osteoporosis, Dementia and Alzheimer, Cervical Cancer, Kidney Diseases, Diabetes Mellitus, Gastro Esophageal Disease, Cataract and other Eye Diseases, Common Skin Diseases, and Elderly Gastro Intestinal Disorders.

Also conducted were 7 Medical Tests and Medical Missions on Blood Sugar, Pap Smear for Cervical Cancer, Prostate Screening, Bone Density Screening, Blood Hemoglobin Testing, Cataract Screening, and, General Medical Missions for all.

A dental mission was conducted also co-sponsored with the City Health Office.

Other projects undertaken thru the years, with financial support from benefactors and monthly dues from the executive Board members, include 4 sessions on "Growing Old Graciously", 2 free mini concerts on Bikol songs and old favorites, 2 summer Field Encounters, Bingo Social, Celebration of Talents, and the yearly Christmas celebrations.

The Fellowship Board, headed by Tony Amparado, acknowledges with appreciation the support of the support of the Parish under Fr. Rey Jose F. Rellora, parish priest and spiritual director, that of the Parish Pastoral Council chaired by Sis. Gie Alvina, and those of its partners and benefactors.

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