Two books for kids in Bikol and English

Two books for kids in Bikol and English. Authors Issa Redburn and Fer Basbas present copies of their newest books, “An Pabo ni Biboy” and “Si Annie Potpot”, stories written in both English and Bikol by way of launching maiden offerings of Redburn Press under the Aninipot Books-Mga Usipon Pang Aki banner. Basbas illustrated both books. The launch coincided with Kabulig Bikol’s turn-over rites for its first book grant award to Anthony Diaz and his “Sa Ika-tolong Aldaw” and announcement of winners for the Kabulig Writers Prize 2020. Also launched during the occasion held 25 February 2020 at the Roco Library at the Naga City Hall Compound. was the 3rd Bienvenido N. Santos Memorial Short Story Writing Contest. Redburn Press, a print and publishing company which was established last year, is owned by Issa Redburn, one of the most active advocates local literature and culture.