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CSur PESO conducts career coaching with H/S and college students

The Provincial Government of Camarines Sur, through the Public Employment Services Office (PESO), conducted a Career Coaching attended by junior and senior high school and college students in the municipalities of Pasacao, Libmanan, Bato, and Minalabac on March 3-5, 2020.

Career Coaching is one of the programs of CamSur PESO for junior and senior high school and college students to help them in unlocking their potential, in improving their outlook in work and life, in developing their leadership skills, and in achieving their goals as well as in preparing them for future employment. Moreover, this included discussing and working through the barriers and obstacles that keep them from achieving their goals.

Among the topics discussed during the career coaching were Labor Education, Work Ethics, How to Write a Resume, Tips on Applying for Job and Protection for Senior High School Students on K to 12 Work Immersion Program. Different representatives from the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) also conducted a brief orientation on their technical and vocational courses that they offer and scholarship grant opportunities.

“I think that the importance of conducting career coaching like this for students is for them to be able to prepare for their future careers and to avoid career mismatch,” shared Krizia Joy Baria, Science and MAPEH teacher of Bato National High School.

As a teacher who witnessed how different the new generation is, as it adapts to technological advancement and modernization, she also emphasized that the generation of today’s youth, also called the Gen Z, are ‘very distracted by technology’ and ‘lack guidance on crucial decisions for their future’. “Usually, their choices are based on the influence of their friends and peers. Career Coaching is one of the guiding factors that can lead them towards the attainment of their dream job and their future career,” she added.

For Grade 10 student Mark Robert Castilllo of Holy Trinity College of Camarines Sur, it is a battle between his passion and practicality when talking about choices for a career. He shared that, “This Career Coaching enlightened us (students) on which path to take that fits our talents, skills, and capabilities. At the same time, we were guided by the knowledge on the trends in the strands of 21st century. I am very grateful that we have career coaching events like this.”

The provincial government continues to provide support in conducting this kind of activity for students to be guided in terms of their performance and career development. Thus, this helps in strengthening their skills, knowledge, and abilities, assessing their competencies, and exploring their passion and interests. The implementation of career coaching activities can help bring better career opportunities and foster character development among the youth.

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