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16th Moment: Teachers and class sleepers, COVID 19 and Lito Lapid

To Teachers: Don’t get mad at students who sleep in class. They are just preparing to become senators. ----------------------------- Some teachers have no sense of humor - When I was taking Spanish 101 in college, I was kicked out of the classroom twice. My only mistake was to translate Thunder as CARAMBA! and to dissect the noun LEON as one and a half syllables. ---------------------------- My old politician friend has advice: “Don’t be serious with our present politicians; they are never serious about us”. ---------------------------- Problem of PRRD’s spokesman - I don’t envy the job of Sal Panelo. Imagine searching for words to rephrase his boss who finds joy in playing around with words. ---------------------------- COVID 19 - The current issue on water distribution in metro manila is an inevitable outcome of urbanization. When people from the rural areas continue to pour into the cities the need for necessities for survival such as food, water, shelter, and power become perilous. But on the other hand, villages become lesser populous and local demand for food, water and other basic needs is easily determinable to produce. This is the incidental discovery in COVID 19. ---------------------------- What Ifs - What if, in the unlikely consequence of pressures on poor farmers to produce food surplus to feed the urban consumers, what if rural producers who feel relative poverty and government neglect decides to stop producing more food commodities and only produce enough for their own needs? What if this social condition produces a new kind of revolutionary thought? ---------------------------- History of revolutions - History has produced several types of revolutions in France, England, Russia, China and in other parts of the globe by the working class, oligarchy, religious and other social classes. What will stop a contemporary model for effecting change from happening in a democratic politico-economic set-up? Pick your minds, maybe just for the fun of it. ------------------------------ Filipinos are on a state of ETHICAL CONFUSION - Most of the minority who oppose PRRD seems not to mind his accomplishments and sincerity but on how the President personally carries himself in performing his duties. But to many of his supporters his personal style of leadership does not matter. The end justifies the means, a stand that does not sit well with his enemies. Hence, the ethical confusion: What if the UNETHICAL MEANS results into an ETHICAL END? What about when the ETHICAL MEANS results into UNETHICAL ENDS? ---------------------------- Further on the debate: WHOSE ETHICAL STANDARD should prevail? The standard of the UNETHICAL MAJORITY or the standard of the ETHICAL MINORITY? It is better to fight in the arena of the minds than in the arena of guns. Take your pick. ------------------------------ Time to gather and train volunteers on the positive concept of community organizing and empowerment, mobilization and agitation for national unity and development against Filipino oppressors, not just foreigners, review and revise our domestic and foreign policies to protect our patrimony and help the marginalized social sectors. We have to take advantage of PRRD while he is still at the helm. Change must come now or never. ----------------------------- With the daily news on motorbike accidents may I offer a few tips especially on overtaking. Before deciding to overtake be sure of the following: 1. Always overtake on the left side of the vehicle ahead, never on the right 2. Be sure that there are no vehicles IN front of the vehicle you want to overtake for at least 30 meters 3. Be sure that there is at least 3 meters wide space where you can pass 4. Don’t shift on neutral while overtaking, accelerate until you are safe ahead of the vehicle you are overtaking 5. Be sure to turn on your signal lights, left before you overtake and right afterwards 6. NEVER OVERTAKE UNLESS YOU HAVE DONE THESE 5 ACTS ----------------------------- People who are prepared to die just to be in office, are those people whose offices run after them until they die. ----------------------------- I remember Senator Lito Lapid - He is one clever politician. He just rides his horse on TV with a blazing gun, and he easily wins the hearts of many Moms. ----------------------------- I prefer these few days with rain than years under leaders without brains - or sort of. ----------------------------- Manny Pacquiao once lost a fight. That was when Boyet Fernandez shouted BOX, BOX in ringside. Manny thought it was TAX TAX so he lost his concentration. ----------------------------- Beware of politicians who call you their boss. They will take you for a ride in their money bus. ----------------------------- Blessed are those who sin and admit it. Cursed are those who push sinners to become saints.

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