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Legazpi implements curfew over Covid-19

LEGAZPI CITY -- The city government here on Sunday (Mar.15) declared expanded curfew hours as a preemptive health measure to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19).

Mayor Noel Rosal, in an interview said he signed Sangguniang Panglungsod Ordinance No. 15-0009-2020 implementing an expanded coverage of the curfew as a precautionary measure in times of epidemic and other national or city-wide health emergencies.

“The order would take effect on Sunday where a daily eight-hour curfew would be implemented from 9 PM to 4 PM” he added.

The ordinance called on the Philippine National Police (PNP), barangay officials, “tanod” or watchmen and public safety officers to enforce the curfew hours and see to it that no residents and transients are roaming around the city streets and public places during the curfew.

Police checkpoints would be established in strategic areas determined by the PNP.

Rosal added that in line with this ordinance, all establishments operating in the city are encouraged to end their business operations by 8 PM.

Those exempted from the coverage include drug or pharmaceutical stores, medical institutions; employees of national and local governments involved in Disaster Risk Reduction and Management; Emergency Quick Response units, public utility companies involved in power generation and distribution, individuals engaged in meat, fish and vegetable businesses and accredited media personnel while performing their duties.

Rosal said violators who are residents of the city would be accosted and sent home accompanied by village officials and police, while those who are non-residents would have their names listed for record purposes.

He said an existing curfew ordinance enacted in 2006 established an eight-hour curfew exclusively for minors.

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